Benvenuti a Villa Celiera

Only 40 minutes from the city and airport of Pescara lies Villa Celiera and the Vestina area. The region combines stunning nature, unique cuisine and traditional cultures in an unspoilt captivating way.

In a small geographical area you will find rolling vineyards, olive groves, mountain ranges, medieval villages, festivals, traditions and food unlike the more famous areas of Italy. As yet still undiscovered and exploited you will see an Italy few have yet exerienced.

Food and drink in Villa Celiera

Eating in the area you will not only sample standard Italian cuisine and the principle dishes of Abruzzo but also a series of dishes that Villa Celiera is renowned for and in some cases have their origins in the village.

These dishes are cooked at home, in the restaurants and celebrated at the local food festivals (Sagra).

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Authentic Italian Cuisine in Celiera

What to do in Villa Celiera


Italy and particularly Abruzzo are blessed with a fantastic selection of celebrations and festivals. Some dating back for thousands of years, others more contemporary. Our events page shows some of the best of the local festas and a small selection of unmissable events in other parts of Abruzzo.

Accommodation in Celiera

Accommodation in Villa Celiera

An excellent range of hand picked, good value villas are avaible to rent.

There is also a fine selection of hotels, bed and breakfasts and hostels in and around Villa Celiera.

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