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The Vestina area is one of the undiscovered culinary centres of Italy. The diverse geography and largely rural nature of the area combines with a local passion and tradition for food. The many high quality restaurants use local ingredients to produce dishes ranging from Italian and Abruzzan classics  to popular local dishes and the area has  justifiably gained a reputation for excellent cuisine.

Within Villa Celiera alone there are 3 butchers, 2 bakers, and a renowned grocer. The village and surrounding area also boasts 5 restaurants (see restaurant guide) which attract customers from Pescara and as far as Rome.

Local Abruzzan cuisine

Eating in the area you will not only sample standard Italian cuisine and the principle dishes of Abruzzo but also a series of dishes that Villa Celiera is renowned for and in some cases have their origins in the village.

Cuisine in Villa Celiera

Locally produced Italian ingredients

From bread to olive oil Villa Celiera offers a fine selection of authentic cuisine and ingredients to make your stay special.

Italian cuisine in Celiera Italy

Local restaurants in Villa Celiera

From award-wining high cuisine to specialist “arrosticini’ eateries, Villa Celiera and the surrounding area has gained a deserved reputation for having an excellent range of restaurants.

Local Italian Restaurants in Celiera

Immerse yourself in Abruzzan cuisine

The locals are justifiably proud of their culinary heritage and are keen to share their knowledge and experience with visitors to the village. This includes visits to olive oil presses, wine producers, the local bakeries and cheese producers. At the relevent times of the year you can also experience the whole production process which includes olive picking and pressing, wine production, cheese making and food preserving.

With the natural ingredients to hand, courses on how to cook the famous local dishes are available.

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Local Italian Cuisine in Villa Celiera

Traditional Italian food and drink

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